This is your chance to get a completely customized road-map to health, developed with your health history, lifestyle, desires and specific goals in mind. Have you tried all kinds of crazy diets, cleanses and resolutions on your own, but just never seem able to stick with it? Well, it might be time to partner up!
As your health coach I will both motivate you and hold you accountable. We’ll get clear on your goals together and I’ll share practical, tangible tools and educational materials (if you want them!) – because I believe knowledge is power and that change can happen once we really understand WHY.
Why? Because it’s harder to go at it alone and so much more fun when we do it together. The 50-min, one-on-one coaching sessions will be conducted over the phone or via Skype. Below is a list of coaching options that I offer. Is what you had in mind not there? Let me know! Maybe we can work something out.

  • 4 Month Energy Package
    Two 50-minute sessions a month for 4 months. This is for you who is already on the path tired of “failing”. You want to have more energy and finally feel great about the way you look. If you’re looking for some guidance, a hand to hold, some tough love and real accountability this is the packet for you.  After 4 months you’ll charged up and ready with some practical tricks and tips to pull it off and stick with it. Optional to also add in a cooking session and healthy shopping tour. Ready To Get Started? Email Me.

  • 6 Month Recharge Package
    Two 50-minute sessions a month for 6 months. This package is perfect for anyone dealing with food sensitivities and underlying digestive issues and who’s looking to loose some weight. We’ll create a personalized cooking session and healthy shopping tour. Ready To Get Started? Email Me.
  • 90 minute Power session
    A one time 90 minute session to kick off your healthy lifestyle, address one specific issue or to follow up after you’ve completed one of the monthly packages. Sometimes all you need a little pick-me up or kick in the butt to finish the job. Ready To Get Started? Email Me.
  • Detox with Me
    Feeling sluggish, bloated, tired and unfocused? It’s time to hit the reset button! I can guide you trough a safe and effective detox program where you not only will loose some weight, but feel rejuvenated, energized and glowingagain.  I believe it’s important to cleanse our bodies from time to time. However a lot of detoxes on the market can be too intense, high in sugar or put your body into starvation mode where you’ll gain weight once you stop the cleanse!


I love sharing the message of a healthy lifestyle and my favorite tips and tricks with people. I can come talk to your co-workers, participate in panel discussions or conduct group workshops.  You should know that I don’t like diets and don’t subscribe to one specific theory or approach. I believe that real, whole foods, moving daily and learning how to deal with stress is the real keys to a healthy life.
What I like to talk about:

  • Eating for energy
  • Digestive health
  • Green Drinks ( I wrote a whole book about it)
  • Beauty from the inside out
  • How to live a healthy and fun life gluten-free


Let me be clear – I’m not a professionally trained chef.  I am a self-thought home cook who loves food, healthy cooking, juicing and blending. I don’t cook fancy, gourmet meals, but rather easy, delicious and real food.
I especially enjoy helping guide people with food sensitivities in finding great alternatives so that they’ll never feel deprived. So whether you’re gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan or all of the above, I’ll take the challenge.
I love to eat with the seasons and incorporate local ingredients as much as possible.  Previous cooking class menu’s have included gluten-free & vegan muffins, creamy coconut lentil soup, walnut pesto, millet mash and jumping greens.


I’m a certified yoga instructor teach private, one-on-one session as well as group classes both at corporate offices and studios. I teach a alignment-focused slow Vinyasa flow with emphasis on building strength and releasing tension.


Want to upgrade your menu with the latest healthy foods?

Thinking of adding some freshly-made juices to your restaurant but don’t know where to start?

People today are looking for better food options when they travel and eat out. The lunch crowd wants to see a green juice and some gluten-free options. And it’s time that hotel’s mini bar deliver something more nourishing than just pretzels and soda. The more places that offer healthy AND delicious food on their menu, the better. I’d love to help!